2017 Speakers

Meet our speakers

Mario Bruendel

Jerich Global

Mario Bruendel was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. He started working for FMS Logistics in 2001 as an export C\coordinator in the company’s Hamburg office. Bruendel was promoted to operations manager three years later and relocated to the FMS North American office in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Three years after that move, he opened a new office in Newport Beach, California, as general manager in 2007.

Myles Cohen

Pratt Recycling

Myles Cohen is currently president of Pratt Recycling. As the chief executive of this business, Cohen is responsible for Pratt’s network of recycling plants, its material recovery facilities (MRFs) throughout the USA, as well as directing the sourcing for Pratt’s 100-percent-recycled paper mills. Cohen’s team manages a variety of recycling activities, including collection and processing of paper, plastics, metals and other materials; operation of MRFs; and more. Additionally, he leads Pratt Industries’ “close-the-loop” initiative, which assists Pratt’s customers in their environmental sustainability initiatives, enabling them to achieve their zero-landfill goals through improved recycling and waste-to-energy solutions.

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions

Pieter Eenkema van Dijk grew up in the Netherlands where he received a master’s degree in economics at Groningen University in the Netherlands and an MBA from Insead Business School at Fontainebleau in France. In 1984, he founded Van Dyk Baler Corp. in North America and is the company’s current president. Now Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, the company has the exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. and Canada for Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, Lubo Systems and TOMRA sorting solutions. He is located at the Van Dyk headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, with regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Toronto and Tampa, Florida.

Tamsin Ettefagh

Vice President
Envision Plastics

Tamsin Ettefagh serves as Vice President at Envision Plastics. She has more than 26 years of experience in the areas of recycling and plastics recycling; from implementing a recycling collection program and running the recycling operations for a MRF to purchasing raw materials for plastic recycling companies and selling recycled resins for plastic recycling companies. Her other duties include consulting for agencies, banks, potential plastic manufacturers on market conditions, types of supply and how to evolve and diversify markets for recycled resins.

Kim Holmes

Vice President, Sustainability
Plastics Industry Association (Plastics)

Kim Holmes is Senior Director of Recycling & Diversion for SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association. The group is committed to maximizing the recovery of all plastics, both post-industrial and post-consumer, across all product categories. The Recycling Committee at SPI is truly a collaboration of the full plastics supply chain working together to drive recovery solutions. Under her leadership, the Recycling Committee’s portfolio of work includes launching the SPI Zero Net Waste recognition program, sustainability benchmarking for the industry, and executing innovative recovery projects in healthcare and end-of-life vehicles, amongst other efforts. Kim also chairs the North American Plastics Recycling Alliance. In her free time she is skiing, hiking and biking with the family in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe

Executive Vice President/Publisher
Recycling Today Media Group

James R. Keefe joined GIE Media, Recycling Today’s parent company, in 1991 in a sales and market research capacity. During his career, he has overseen the continuing development of Recycling Today magazine, which is today the leading business magazine serving the recycling industry. In addition, he has managed the launch of its website, www.RecyclingToday.com, as well as numerous publication launches. Jim currently serves as an executive vice president for GIE Media and is a member of the firm’s executive management team. He is a graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Steve Miller

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

Steve Miller has more than 30 years of experience in the management of recycling and manufacturing facilities, including a 20-year career as the Vice President of a national recycling company. Since taking over as CEO of Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) in 2005, the company has transformed into the global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Through the acquisitions of Nihot and NRT and the launch of Zero Waste Energy (ZWE), Steve has united best-in-class technologies to offer the world’s most advanced, integrated recycling solutions. Systems from the BHS Family are closing the loop on recovery, creating high value commodities while digging deeper into the waste stream to create biogas and compost from organics. BHS systems are maximizing diversion from the world’s landfills and setting benchmarks for throughput, uptime and recovery.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Moore & Associates

Bill Moore is president of Moore & Associates, an international consulting firm engaged in providing a range of market research and strategic services to the global paper recycling industry. Prior to his many years as a consultant, he held a series of positions in the solid waste, paper and recycling industries. At Moore & Associates, he has served more than 250 clients on more than 450 projects. Bill’s knowledge base includes all aspects of the worldwide supply and demand of recovered paper.

Pamela Okisuta

Senior Director of Global Sustainability
SC Johnson

Pam Oksiuta serves as senior director of global sustainability at SC Johnson. Pam’s role in the corporate office of sustainability is to lead and progress SC Johnson’s integrated global sustainability strategy; set high-level goals and commitments against priority areas; and foster global partnerships. Previously, Pam worked as director of North America business development/M&A. During her time in mergers and acquisitions, SC Johnson completed the acquisition of the Mrs. Meyer's brand and the Kiwi Shoe Care brand. Pam has been with SC Johnson since 1996. She is the holder of numerous patents and has a Master of Arts in mathematical psychology from the Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and psychology from Valparaiso University.

Joel Perler

Assistant Business Development Manager
Port of Long Beach

Joel Perler is assistant business development manager at the Port of Long Beach, where his responsibilities include promoting the port’s facilities and services to current and prospective containerized cargo exporters, developing strategic recommendations for business and trade opportunities, encouraging international trade and related economic development activities at trade events and conferences nationwide, as well as developing a variety of export-based learning seminars and training programs. Perler joined the port staff in January 2014 after five years as vice president of business development for the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Rudder


Greg Rudder has been the lead editor of RISI’s PPI Pulp & Paper Week (P&PW) since 2001, and has covered the U.S. and global pulp and paper industry for 20 years. A graduate of Seaver College Pepperdine University, he was a daily newspaper reporter for 12 years in California. At P&PW Greg has covered recovered paper pricing for 20 years for the U.S. market, and for exports to China, India and Mexico. Over the years, he also has reported pricing and on markets for containerboard, boxboard, uncoated freesheet paper, tissue, specialty printing and writing papers and newsprint.

Dan Sandoval

Conference Advisor
Recycling Today Media Group

Dan Sandoval has been reporting on the recycling industry for more than 20 years. His area of experience is on the paper markets, from collection to brokering and consuming. Mr. Sandoval also plays an active role in the development and growth of the Recycling Today Media Group’s conference programs.

Ron Stearns

Project Engineer

Ron Stearns is a project engineer who has been employed with ReCommunity for 13 years. Prior to joining ReCommunity, he worked as a design/automation engineer in the automotive and machine tool industries. During his tenure with ReCommunity, Ron has managed large- and small-scale projects, from entire plant retrofits to integration of new machinery. His undergraduate studies were completed at Youngstown State University with a concentration in electronic engineering. He is married and lives in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, and enjoys outdoor hobbies and craft beer brewing.

Kari Talvola

Fiber Trade, Inc.

Kari Talvola is the managing director at Fibre Trade Inc., a direct exporter and mill buyer of recovered paper. Kari has been with Fibre Trade for more than 10 years, specializing in all aspects of the scrap paper industry. She has extensive knowledge of buying, marketing and selling all grades of scrap paper to overseas mills. Throughout her career she has been able to maintain valuable customer relationships by traveling to various countries to meet with key buyers and managers at various paper mills. Kari holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration with an emphasis in management. She serves on the board of Paper Stock Industries as the Specification Committee Chair.

Rob Tiede

Executive Vice President
Sonoco Recycling, LLC

Robert C. Tiede is executive vice president and chief operating officer at Sonoco Products Co. In this role, Robert has global leadership, sales and operating responsibility for all of the company’s diversified consumer, industrial and protective packaging businesses. Since joining Sonoco in 2004, he has led all of Sonoco’s global consumer-related businesses. Most recently, Robert served as senior vice president, global consumer packaging and services, responsible for the company’s Corporate Customer program as well as its rigid plastics, flexibles and display and packaging businesses. Robert was named to that position in December 2012. During his tenure at Sonoco, the company’s consumer-related businesses have increased sales by approximately 90% and operating profits by 120%, as the company’s consumer growth strategy developed broader global packaging and services capabilities.

DeAnne Toto

Managing Editor
Recycling Today Media Group

DeAnne Toto has been an editor with Recycling Today Media Group, Valley View, Ohio, since 2002. As media group managing editor, she helps to oversee production of all of the media group’s titles, though her primary focus in on Recycling Today, the group’s monthly title, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. Her areas of focus include plastics, electronics, nonferrous and municipal recycling. She graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science in journalism.

Hamilton Wen

Newport CH International

Hamilton Wen is the director of the plastic division at Newport CH International LLC. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics/economics from UCLA, Wen’s strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills quickly launched him into a successful career in the plastic recycling industry. In a short time, his expertise has established him as a respected authority in the recycling industry, particularly in regard to the Chinese plastic market. Newport CH International LLC, an international trading company, is focused on the purchasing and direct export sale of recycled paper, plastics and metals throughout the world, including China and other parts of Asia. Since 2003, Newport CH International has grown to be one of the largest recycled material exporters in the United States. For the past five years, the U.S. Journal of Commerce has consistently ranked Newport CH International as one of the top five exporters of recyclable material from the U.S.

Steve Wong

Fukutomi Co. Ltd.

Born in Shantou, China, Steve Wong is the founder and managing director of Fukutomi Co. Ltd. Established in 1984, Fukutomi is a leader in the plastic recycling industry and operates in a global market, with its well-established networks and affiliates worldwide. Additionally, the company is a manufacturer of plastic products through its associated company Fukutomi (Shantou) Industrial Co. Ltd. With environmentalism being Mr. Wong’s business philosophy, Fukutomi is committed to investing in technologies and equipment for improving the efficiency through new applications for plastic recycling.

Megan Workman

Associate Editor
Recycling Today Media Group

Megan Workman is an associate editor with the Recycling Today Media Group, where she has worked for the past two years. She edits, writes and attends trade shows all relating to the recycling industry. Prior to joining GIE Media, Workman was the business reporter at The Charleston Gazette and also has held writing and editing positions at other publications. She graduated from Ohio University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

Additional Speakers Include:

Mick Barry, President, Mid-America Recycling
Nina Bellucci Butler, More Recycling
Bob Bolanger, Recyclign Markets
Bob Carpenter, WestRock
Tom Crowley, North Pacific Paper Company, LLC
Mat Everhart, Stadler America, LLC
Steve Frank, Pioneer Recycling Services
Seth Goodman, President, Northstar Recycling
John Green, Green Machine
Eddie Ingle, REPREVE
Billy Johnson, ISRI
Glen Johnson, Alsip Minimill
Rahul Kaushal, MerQbiz
David Lee, Pacific Genesis Resource Enterprises Inc.
Andrew Logsdon, Constellium Metal Procurement LLC
Pat Madison, General Manager, USM
Ed Mamou, Vice President, Royal Oak Recycling
Bill Rumpke, Rumpke
Tom Smart, VP, Transpacific Trade Management, Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL Power)
Michael Timpane, Vice President- Material Recovery & Process Optimization, RRS