Speaker Bio

Ron Sherga

Ron Sherga

CEO, EcostrateSFS and Sherresults LLC

Ron Sherga is CEO of EcoStrateSFS Inc. and has been active in the recycling industry most of his life, with a focus and history dealing in plastics of various types. Sherga has taken a proactive approach as a leader in creating solutions for more challenging waste and scrap products and helping to create and develop end products and truly innovative solutions.

Sherga began is his career with the company Muehlstein and then went on to found his own brokerage and processing companies. He also was part of the first e-commerce trading platform for chemicals and plastics at the start of the dot-com era. Sherga was fortunate enough along the way to be a director at Infiltrator Systems, a leading olefins recycler that also turns scrap plastics into waste water treatment products and systems. This pioneering and leading-edge injection molder was a leader in turning scrap materials into higher value and CleanTech products.

Sherga has advised and played key roles in the carpet recycling industry, e-scrap, packaging scrap and auto scrap recovery areas on a global basis. He has advised others on plastics to oil, WTE and various sorting and size reduction systems. Sherga has sold patents dealing with materials tracking, tagging and monetizing . He has been a leader in helping ISRI become more involved in plastics as well as many paper and metals recyclers. He is certified by MIT in Clean Energy Ventures.

Sherga currently feels he has reached the zenith of his career with the creation of EcoStrateSFS, a company he founded to take the most problematic materials and with proprietary IP, trade secrets and unique materials knowledge, turn these materials into products capable of consuming billions of pounds of waste being created as byproducts of current recycling efforts and as postconsumer waste. The EcoStrate solution will reduce the use of virgin materials, energy, GHGs and water consumption. EcoStrateSFS is making and selling a variety of products that have been sold and installed domestically and overseas. They are increasing production and creating strategic partnerships to enter markets more aggressively and grow EcoStrate into a global brand.