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Beth Royse

Beth Royse

Director of Eastern US Development, Centennial Recycling

Beth Royse is the director of Eastern U.S. Development for Centennial Recycling and her experience runs the span of 24 years and has touched all aspects of recycling, fiber technology and logistics. 

Prior to joining Centennial, Beth held positions at GreenFiber LLC and Caraustar Industries.

During her career in the paper/recovered fiber industry, she has held positions in international marketing, manufacturing, procurement, brokerage and education. She specializes in sourcing and using fiber grades to meet the challenges of a commodity market where quality and availability are constantly changing.   

She is also the owner of Oak Tree Recycling International, which sources raw material for free trade markets across the globe. 

Beth has a degree in international business and logistics from the International School of Business in Groningen, Netherlands.



10/18/2018 3:00 PM