Bill Moore

Bill Moore

President, Moore & Associates, United States

Bill Moore is president of Moore & Associates, an international consulting firm that provides a range of strategic services and research to global recycling organizations. The description of the full range of services and background for Moore & Associates can be found on the company’s web site at

Bill has had a forty year career as an environmental business professional. Prior to establishing his own consulting firm, Bill held a series of positions in the chemical, solid waste, paper, and recycling industries. This included Director of Recycling for Waste Management, Inc., where he was responsible for the startup of the “Recycle America” program, the largest introduction of recycling services in the United States. Earlier in his career, Bill was a hazardous and groundwater waste expert and was at the forefront of the US manufacturing industry’s move for waste reduction through process optimization. Bill’s unique knowledge base includes all aspects of the global supply and demand of recovered paper, where he is currently considered the leading expert.

Over the last 24 years, Moore & Associates has served over 330 clients on more than 550 projects on paper recycling engagements. Details on Bill’s consulting project experience can be found at

Bill is a sought after speaker throughout the world on subjects related to global recycling and the business side of environmental issues. He is highly published in the recycling field having authored more than fifty articles over the last twenty five years. A list of Bill’s publications can be found at www.