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Eleanor Merritt

Eleanor Merritt

Vice President of National Sales, Traffic Tech Inc.

Since 2013, Eleanor Merritt has served as vice president of national sales at Traffic Tech.


She began her career working part-time for Bay Area Piggyback in Northern California. After graduating from college in 1986, she joined the company as a full-time employee at the Spring Hill, Kansas, office. In 1988, Eleanor opened Bay Area Piggyback’s first decentralized office before becoming vice president of the company in 1990. One year later, she joined the board of directors.


In 2002, Bay Area Piggyback was sold to GST (owned by NYK, which is now Yussen). Eleanor served as the shareholder representative as well as the president of the merged company. Her team surpassed their earn-out goals, providing 100 percent of the sales price to the shareholders.


Eleanor left NYK in 2007 and began working for 4 Elements. She purchased stock to help with that company’s growth before selling the company to Traffic Tech in 2012.



10/18/2018 3:00 PM