Speaker Bio

Maite Quinn

Maite Quinn

Director of Business Development and Sales, Sims Municipal Recycling

Sims Municipal Recycling is a division of Sims Metal Management, the largest Metal and Electronics recycler in the world. Sims Municipal Recycling has a twenty year contract with NYC to recycle all of their Metal, Glass and Plastic and a portion of their Paper. Ms. Quinn has over 18 years of experience in recycling and marketing. This includes running a private hauling and processing company, working with and educating building managers, the public, elected officials, and the advocacy community. Ms. Quinn is responsible for acquiring material and marketing the plastics, paper and glass coming from the Sims’ facilities.

Ms. Quinn serves on the board of Association of Plastic Recyclers, National Recycling Coalition, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board and Association of New Jersey Recyclers.


Nos. 3-7 Plastics Recycling: Where is it Going?

10/18/2018 4:30 PM