Speaker Bio

Steve Sutta

Steve Sutta

President, Sutta Company

Steve began working in recycling in 1975 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a partner in Engineered Waste Control Systems Inc. that was sold to The Weyerhaeuser Company in 1984. He founded Basic Waste Systems in Peabody Massachusetts in 1980 with several other partners. This Company was sold in 1995 to Prinz Recycling.

The Sutta Company was founded in Oakland California in 1985. Its affiliated group “GreenPlanet21” has grown to 11 plant sites. The Company actively manages recycling programs in 31 States at the present time. According to the April, “Recycling Today” The Sutta Company is the 11th largest Paper Stock Dealer in North America.

Steve has traveled extensively throughout the world with a particular interest in the paper industry. He has visited more than 300 paper mills on 5 continents. The GreenPlanet21 group has been involved in recycling on all seven of the world’s continents.


Alternate Markets to China—India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Latin America

10/18/2018 1:30 PM