Speaker Bio

DeAnne Toto

DeAnne Toto

Editor, Recycling Today Media Group

DeAnne Toto has been on the editorial staff of the Recycling Today Media Group, Valley View, Ohio, since 2002. She has served as managing editor of Recycling Today, managing editor of the Recycling Today Media Group, editor of Secure Destruction Business magazine and now editor of Recycling Today, the group’s flagship publication. Her areas of focus include plastics, nonferrous metals, electronics and municipal recycling.  

She graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science in journalism.


Opening Keynote

October 20 @ 8:00 AM

Closing the Circle

October 20 @ 8:52 AM

Improving the Recycling Supply Chain

October 20 @ 9:30 AM

Putting Advancements in MRF Technology to Work

October 20 @ 10:35 AM

Global Markets: The Changing Regulatory Landscape

October 21 @ 9:00 AM

Rising to Meet PCR Demand

October 21 @ 10:00 AM

Designing Products & Packaging for Recovery

October 22 @ 9:22 AM

Accelerating the Growth of Domestic Markets

October 22 @ 10:07 AM