Speaker Bio

Omar Abuaita

Omar Abuaita

CEO, Evergreen

Omar Abuaita brings a passion for innovation, growth, operational excellence and talent development to every company and business unit he has led and situation he has faced. His 30-plus year career in packaging solutions with multibillion dollar global corporations and private equity-owned, market-focused companies has taken him to two continents spanning multiple segments within the packaging industry and a variety of roles in manufacturing, operations, business development, strategic account management and, ultimately, to chief executive officer.

Leveraging this diverse background has enabled Abuaita to tackle and master complex business opportunities, from reversing the course of a European packaging division of a global conglomerate from a net loss situation to a 4-times net profit in a year’s time to completely re-engineering the strategy of a PE-backed U.S. packaging company that saw sales climb from $60 million to $110 million annually and adjusted EBITDA nearly quadruple in a seven-year span from $6.1 million to $22 million. This enviable performance led to a lucrative exit to a global packaging company, where he led the successful integration with the new ownership that included identifying new cross-selling opportunities and $5 million reduction in costs.

He is a firm believer in things happening for a reason and his professional journey has led him to his current role as CEO and strategist with Evergreen, working with PE owner, the Sterling Group. Evergreen is a leader in plastics recycling and manufacturing recycled polyester (rPET), a material prized by top consumer products companies seeking to incorporate more recycled content in their packaging as demanded by today’s consumers and global environmental and corporate interests. Seizing the moment and leveraging its resources and know-how, Evergreen is doubling manufacturing capacity for rPET and expanding the value proposition to include more technology-enabled, industry-expertise-driven sustainability solutions that help socially and environmentally conscientious brands achieve reportable, measurable results in terms of the circular economy and environmental and social governance.